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Air Duct Cleaning Services

Twelve Points Air Duct Cleaning has been providing air duct cleaning services to the GTA and surrounding area for the past 20 years. Twelve Points has successfully treated commercial, industrial and residential buildings with their unique sterilization system.


Serving the Great Toronto and surrounding area.

Twelve Points Air Duct Cleaning is the #1 solution for creating the cleanest, healthiest air for your home and office. Nobody beats our unique 25 ft high pressure air scrubbing duct snake and truck mounted 400 Horsepower machine. Safety regulation standard compressed air* is blown through the air vents and pushes the dust and contaminants through the main duct line leaving behind clean, disinfected ducts throughout.

Over 29 Years Experience

Twelve Points Air Duct Cleaning for home, office, warehouse or any space that utilizes air ducts. The perfect choice for a superior air duct cleaning solution. Contact us.

Phone: +1 (647) 532-1614

We specialize in air duct cleaning in the GTA/Durham Region/ Halton Region/ Peel Region/ York Region/ Mississauga/ Oakville/ Burlington/ Dufferin County/ Simcoe County... Rates start at only $220!

Guaranteed Clean: all air ducts, vents and blower motors

Residential Duct Cleaning

Twelve Points Air Duct Cleaning removes the build-up of common allergens through the cleaning of the furnace truck ducts, floor registers, and central air vents. Resulting in a more efficient air flow and a healthier household environment.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Using Twelve Points Air Duct Cleaning enhances office ventilation. This can result in the improved focus of staff, less absenteeism due to air born infections and better distribution of air for heating and cooling thorough the entire office or office building.

Industrial Duct Cleaning

In addition to improving general air quality, Twelve Points Air Duct Cleaning will aid in the removal of chemical build-up and unwanted residues in the ventilation system. Plants, factories and other such industrial environments will benefit greatly from regular maintenance for the added protection of worker health and safety.

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  • HVAC system can be improved by having -your air ducts cleaned
  • Allergy symptoms can be reduced
  • Maintenance
  • Utility bills can be lowered & the efficiency
  • Indoor cleaning can be reduced
  • Free estimates

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